The Preparatory School of Lourel was born on October 16, 1971 as a section of the D. Fernando II Preparatory School and became independent in 1973. Since its opening, the number of students who passed through it rarely corresponded to the population of the area covered by the school . In fact it was “housing” the surplus students of the areas of Algueirão-Mem-Martins and Mercês-Rio de Mouro.

Over the years, the school population has floated in the wake of the opening of new educational establishments such as the Montelavar School, Albarraque School and others that have emerged in the more densely populated areas of the county and, more recently, Terrugem.

The school, created to be “preparatory” (5th and 6th years nowadays), was becoming, due to the students that it was receiving from various zones and levels of education, a polyvalent school even got secondary and nocturnal education .


From 1989/90 onwards, the school finally moved to new premises after several years of deteriorating old pavilions. Extending the physical space, there was an increase of students of about 20%.

In 1990/91 he definitively assumed as his patron D. Carlos I.


In January 2004, the D. Carlos I School Group was established, which includes the Basic Schools of the 1st cycle of Lourel, Várzea. The host school became part of the first cycle and the kindergarten in new facilities created for this purpose.

The School guarantees the courses taught at the Sintra Prison.

In the space of the host school, there is also the D. Carlos I Recreational and Recreational Sports Association, a non-profit association that has sought to respond to the appeal not only of school students but also of the educational community in regard to sports and culture.

The School D. Carlos is the place of Twins implementation.